Daniela ‘Dani’ Silva

Daniela Silva, or as she is popularly known as Dani, is a climate activist, black feminist, educator and creator of the Aldeias project.

This interest in the fight for human rights and for social and environmental causes arises with the first rumors of the construction of the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Power Plant, in community meetings, where leaders such as Bishop Dom Erwin and Antônia Melo denounced the threat of construction of this infrastructure project, which would, in the future, brutally impact the Amazonian identity and the communities’ way of life.

Faced with the cruel reality imposed by the construction of the second largest hydroelectric plant in the world, Daniela watched Altamira lead the ranking of the most violent cities in the country, where children and young people lost their parents, including two nephews, Neymar and Maria, a remarkable fact that contributed to the creation of Projeto Aldeias, a support network for children and youth in the Amazon.

Today, Daniela dreams of expanding the project, which she coordinates, in addition to fighting to inspire and make other people and organizations aware of the importance of looking, listening and actions in defense of the rights of children and youth, so that they are in fact subjects of rights in this country.


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