Arun Kumar

A renowned visual artist, Arun Kumar HG has set up the SARA Centre in the threatened rainforest belt of Karnataka, to generate a positive surge of grassroots ecological action. 

SARA is a community-driven initiative at the intersection of art, local knowledge, and ecology. Here artists, environmentalists, farmers, teachers, and students dialogue, design, and collectively lead large-scale artistic projects to revive their commons. They have so far, rejuvenated more than 30 forgotten lakes, generated mini forest reserves, created seed banks, and revived progressive farming practices in the rainforest belts.

Based in the village of Dombekoppa, Arun has transformed SARA into a living museum of natural heritage with a biodiversity archive of 500 species of plants, where indigenous communities reconnect and revive their rich entanglements with food, fields, forests, and folk cultures. 


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