We are watching, listening, and learning alongside each other. Every fellow and grantee organization has their own unique project. But, as ORA, we facilitate cross-pollination, collaboration, and learning. We look for threads of connection and points of intersection. 

Where are our worlds touching? What can we do to unearth more connections? How can we strengthen the ties? We look for emerging themes and synchronicities in our collective work. 

A global, collaborative learning cohort

ORA Is made up of three fellowship cohorts based across the Global South, as well as a group of global research grant recipients. Our small ORA program team works closely with our partners to develop annual fellow cohorts. Our regional partners, StartUp! (ORA-India), HOMEF (ORA-AFRICA) and Argentine Association of Environmental Lawyers/CAJE (ORA-Latin America) develop cohorts that respond to the unique callings & voices in their homeplaces. Through ORA-Global, we weave ourselves together in one rich and wild community of practice.