Gloria Adeyiga

Gloria Kukurije Adeyiga is a research scientist at the Forestry Research Institute of Ghana, where she specialises in gender, climate change, agroforestry, and the environment. Gloria’s research over the past ten years has been skewed towards enhancing the food security of Northern Ghana’s small farming households. Among the projects she’s worked on is the ‘Regreening Africa’, which was recently awarded the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration Award for its outstanding contribution to restoration across sub-Saharan Africa. The Regreening Africa project aimed at reducing farmers’ vulnerability to climate change, improving livelihoods of smallholder farming households and addressing gender inequalities and imbalances in restoration outcomes. Additionally, Gloria has provided consulting services to a number of domestic and foreign development organizations, such as USAID.

Gloria, a native of northern Ghana, is driven to encourage the enhancement of women’s agency because she knows all too well how underappreciated women’s contributions to household livelihoods are, despite the fact that they are essential to food security and overall household well-being. She believes that by applying transformative approaches that structurally engage both men and women in discussions to negotiate while offering a forum for desired changes to be practiced, we can change those cultural norms that exclude women from land decisions.

Gloria is completing her PhD in Agroforestry at the Bangor in Wales, having earned an MSc in forests and livelihoods from the University of Copenhagen.


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