Henry Picado Cerdas

Henry is a beekeeper and farmer, an environmental activist, and an active content producer on the environmental and climate debate in Central America. Henry has been executive president of the Costa Rican Federation for the Conservation of Nature (FECON), president of the Biodiversity Coordination Network Association and the Green Block collective.

Henry is also an editorial member of the magazine Biodiversidad sustento y culturas (https://www.biodiversidadla.org/Revista). Latin American publication with more than 25 years dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity, the impact of new biotechnologies, patents and public policies are part of our coverage. It includes experiences and proposals in Latin America, and seeks to be a link between those who work for the popular management of biodiversity, cultural diversity and self-government, especially local communities: indigenous and Afro-American women and men, peasants, fishermen and small producers.

In recent years, Henry has dedicated himself to forging the magazine La Agroecóloga with content and critical reflections on agriculture, climate chaos, the defense of territories, the struggles of communities and organizations against capitalist destruction and dispossession.


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