Peter Schurmann

Peter Schurmann is the online editor for Ethnic Media Services. He previously worked as communications coordinator for the conservation non-profit Earth Innovation Institute where he helped coordinate an international team to develop and promote content related to issues of climate and tropical forest protection. Peter’s reporting has covered a wide variety of topics, from international affairs to education, health and the environment. His work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nation and National Catholic Reporter, among other outlets.

EMS’s ORA Research.

A quick scan of today’s ethnic media reveals an abundance of headlines and story synopses that cover disparate elements of the larger polycrisis including migration, racial persecution, inequitable economic development, and indigenous communities striving to secure their own destiny. These are hyper-local news outlets that connect their communities to the larger national and global context in which local events are unfolding. However, many of these reporters are not aware of the systemic drivers at work that comprise the polycrisis. EMS’s ORA Research involves educating its network about the polycrisis and in-depth reporting to explore the linkages between the issues they typically cover and the global polycrisis.


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