Bringing to light the polycrisis with a focus on India and philanthropic action


Dasra, an ORA Research Grant recipient, is a bridge between NGOs and funders and is a leading nonprofit systems orchestrator working with diverse stakeholders across the social impact ecosystem. Their ORA Research focuses on philanthropy for India that address the global polycrisis. This clip from their Philanthropy Week 2024 features a segment with ORA-India community members, including ORA Anchor Manisha Gupta and ORA Fellows Nandini Velho and Kumar Sambhav.

In its remarkable 14-year journey, Dasra Philanthropy Week (DPW) has played a pivotal role in shaping narratives, fostering collaborations & conversations, and catalyzing action across diverse sectors.
​Celebrating its 15th edition, Dasra Philanthropy Week 2024 invites a convergence of diverse stakeholders and voices within the development ecosystem anchored around the theme of “Thrive through Equity”. We invite you to be an integral part of this transformative journey by posing challenging questions, initiating thought-provoking conversations, and creating a space that amplifies diverse voices from every corner of India.

With a lens of gender, equity, diversity and inclusion, and with a commitment to thrive through equity, this event will be an enriching and insightful experience that will help shape a collective perspective for shaping the future of India. Learn more about Dasra’s Philanthropy Week here.