Holding the Fire 1: Indigenous voices around the world

Holding the Fire is produced by Post Carbon Institute and hosted by Resilience, with support from an ORA Research Grant. Award-winning journalist and author Dahr Jamail hosts in-depth interviews with leaders from around the world to uncover Indigenous ways of reckoning with environmental and societal breakdown. You can see the whole series here.

In this episode, Dahr Jamail speaks with Dilafruz Khonikboyeva about how people can live through collapse while maintaining their core identities and values. Dilafruz also reminds us how Indigenous people have always had a symbiotic relationship with Earth, living as one with and being in love with Earth.

Dilafruz Khonikboyeva, an Indigenous Pamiri from Tajikistan, is a transformational conflict expert, who has focused her work on civil wars, climate and resource conflicts, and storytelling. She is the inaugural Executive Director of the Home Planet Fund, the latest tool in the Patagonia philanthropic ecosystem.