Our Nature Amongst Natures

Where there is blue there is green

Where there is green, the wild flourishes,

Where there is blue and green, we follow and organize space

We make our own green, the green that our tongue relishes, 

The wild being its unbound self breaks our artificial boundaries

Because for the most part, it flourished there before us,

And rightfully so it must rebel,

And so is born a tragedy of the first competing claims,

To which we react by organizing spaces some more,

Some for us, some for the wild to be conserved,

(In the extremities of our (in)-humanity, we cull the wild,

If of course we do not see purpose for it in our order)

And so comes the tragedy of secondary competing claims.

For the land is not enough for us to till,

It is not enough to naturally wild,

And nature is not in Herself a vast of infinity,

But like a Mother who has given unto us birth

and continues to give tethered sustenance,

She must Herself be nourished,

Most times from the frail that we Her progeny cause Her to endure,

Her mind, lungs, kidneys, heart, hands

And even the appendix must remain in good health,

For if She coughs, we all catch a dreadful fever, 

We have endured it so time and time again

So we must be very economic for our own posterity,

In how the elephant sustains, and as must the ant

In how our tillage must afford us sustenance,

In a space where neither the elephant nor the ant,

nor our tillage nor our other undertakings suffers harm,

An ecological struggle among the humanities,

One that goes beyond economics,

Where our desire to conserve the wild battles our need for sustenance

And the intensities with which we till and produce to our subsistence,

Call of which causes and has caused our Mother to cough,

For we have untethered ourselves from her,

That we may draw from her for our sustenance,

And do so with little or no empathy at all,

Yet we deem ourselves the paragon of morality,

Only because we think ourselves the sentient of the natural wild,

Capable of manipulating the natural wild at the highest order,

All the while making and unmaking the boundaries of morality as we see fit,

In all this showing to ourselves that we are truly not any better,

At the risk of condemning ourselves we admit we are a work in progress,

Such is Our Nature Amongst Natures