We see you, we love you.

Driving through the breathtaking landscape that houses the Nairobi National Park
I found myself wondering
I could almost swear I was dreaming.
The Lion majestic in his gait gave us a show,
a very private moment, something we only read about in books
Then came the giraffe,
heavily pregnant yet she stood regally carrying a generation I have already named,
reminding me once again of the arrogance of humans.
Have you seen the Zebras?
Their stripes are not just black and white,
trust me there is so much more colors and patterns than we can ever describe.
The arrogance of humans to declare themselves the most intelligent of the animal species is truly
Watching the gazelle, the antelopes, the deer running through the plains
made me imagine being in their hooves even for just a moment.
I think to myself what if I could run as fast they did,
where would I run to?
I fancied myself an Unbridled optimist, a hopeful romantic.
A sound came from deep within me
I didn’t really think it through, but it bubbled out before I could stop it.
I heard myself shouting I see you and I love you.
Yes. it makes sense now,
I have never really seen these four legged brothers,
I had never spared a second to imagine how they feel
but seeing the crocodile made me realize that never seeing the tears of a crocodile doesn’t mean
they don’t cry.
There is so much I don’t know and even much more which I never will know so how exactly did I
come to name myself the most intelligent of the animal species.
The arrogance of humans is perhaps is the most astonishing ignorant thing about us.