Divya Varma

Divya and her team at the Work Fair and Free Foundation (WFFF) are addressing the data darkness around India’s labouring populations by generating evidence, and narratives in collaboration with migrant groups. 

The WFFF team conducts empirical studies, ethnographic research, and policy-centric inquiries, on the everyday struggles of migrant workers. The knowledge-building processes enable worker collectives to narrate their own stories and build a collective voice for migrant rights. 

The policy briefs and knowledge products generated by WFFF influence state policies and labour governance standards of industries. They feed back into migrant communities, enabling leaders to dialogue with government officials, design their coping strategies, and participate in decision-making.

Divya and her team have also forged collaborations between industry leaders and labour-rights practitioners, to advance the conditions of workers. Their research on the experiences of migrant workers has been translated into academic programs in partnership with premier universities.



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