Srinivas Kodali

A civic hacker and independent researcher, Srinivas Kodali engages grassroots communities to advocate for data standards, open data, cyber security, and transparency in technological systems in India. 

Working in a domain where rules and standards are unclear, Srinivas documents, and builds awareness of farmers, street vendors, and civil society organizations on how technology is shaping and affecting their societies. He writes, broadcasts, hosts podcasts, and partners with journalists, lawyers, graphic novelists, and cartoonists to shape stories and messages that enable grassroots communities to navigate India’s digitization process in an informed way.

Srinivas’s data archive is accessed by academics, journalists, researchers, and students who are working on issues of digitization and its associated effects. 

Srinivas hopes to build a community center, hackerspace, and incubator where people from different communities can collaborate to design, develop, and launch alternate solutions and models of transparent and accountable data and technology systems.


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