Life at Pakke Tiger Reserve

In our work at Pakke Tiger Reserve, we met Tangru Sangchoju, a distinguished frontline staff member at the Reserve. (Please see this article to learn more about the life of a forest guard.)

Through Tangru, we met his son Ram, a gifted artist renowned for his enchanting depictions of forest creatures.

Born with a congenital spinal defect, Ram faces mobility challenges that hinder his movement but not his pursuit of art and storytelling. While specialists have determined that full mobility restoration is unlikely, they emphasized the potential benefits of physiotherapy in enhancing Ram’s independence and artistic endeavors.

Partnering with the Love and Acceptance Institute for Research and Rehabilitation, an NGO based in Coimbatore, his rehab program commenced on January 6th, 2024. This program focused on rehabilitating and re-socializing Ram, with the aim of establishing a sustainable revenue model to support his long-term independence. As he returns to his village around Pakke Tiger Reserve in early April 2024, this zine is for Ram, his fantastical and imaginative stories and art related to forests.